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Bryan Fischer Wins the Comstock Award (again)


Bryan F Bloviating Into the Ether

Bryan Fischer, president of the American Family Association, has won the Anthony Comstock Award for Priggery again. The award, in memory of the famous man of morals, Anthony Comstock, salutes self-righteousness and superiority assumed without any basis by people whose true happiness comes from creating problems, pain, and suffering for others. Comstock (1844-1915) famously

Anthony Comstock in his prime.

Anthony Comstock in his prime.

began his moral crusade by complaining to his superior officers during the Civil War that other soldiers were using profane language. Naturally, there was no reason for the use of filthy language, considering that the troops were engaged in a filthy war in filthy surroundings, doing filthy things to filthy other men. Why would they even consider cursing?

The reason Fischer received the award is his moving statement on his radio program today declaring the fight against homosexuality to be the defining battle of our time. Notice that he doesn’t focus solely on same-sex marriage, but goes for the whole magillah. I’ll tell you it was a big surprise to me because I thought we had left the battle against homosexuality way behind us, like when most of the country said, “Yeah, so you’re gay. So???” But not for Fischer. It is his calling to drive all those gays back into the closet where they belong.

I admit it felt strangely empowering to have him put us all in the group he calls ‘Big Gay’, like we belong with Big Oil and Big Business. But maybe it’s just me, because Fischer says that every time Big Gay gains ground (say, like, when courts interpret the law against discrimination against us correctly) Jesus is forced “into retreat.” Wow, the strength we have! I had no idea that the lesbian and gay push for marriage equality was anti-Jesus, or anti-Yahweh, or anti-Mohammed. I thought it was a demand for the same rights that Comstock and Fischer enjoyed just by being born.

Fischer did say, though, that if the “forces of sexual normalcy” (can’t wait to see what their uniforms look like) prevailed, America would be returned to that “shining beacon of morality and decency for the entire world.” Whew! At least there’s a way out. But–there’s always a but–if the “forces of sexual deviancy” (now those will be some dynamite uniforms) prevail, “every part of our culture is going to be corrupted, it will be contaminated beyond repair, and America…will plunge the world into a moral abyss of darkness and depravity.” OMG! Really?

What is ironic in what these holier-than-thou reformers spew on the airways and in meetings around the country and beyond is that they’re right. If something doesn’t change, if people don’t fight the good fight, our culture will be degraded, it will be despoiled, and we will pitch headlong into a new dark age. But it’s not because of gays and lesbians’ existing in this country. It would be because of the narrow, sanctimonious, misguided moralistic views of crazy Christians like Bryan Fischer, who wouldn’t recognize Jesus if he came back and spoke to him directly.

See, here’s the thing. These religious fanatics would have us deny science, believe without proof of any kind, and leave the governing of our country up to them. As you can see by the breadth of legislation passed by members of the Tea Party, who embody this religious fanaticism, the country is essentially running in place. Oh, except for Obamacare, where people are getting insurance they couldn’t get before, and things like the Lily Ledbetter Act that empower women to demand the same pay as men for equal work. And the winding down of two unnecessary wars. Yeah, except for things like that, the far religious right has done shit-all in moving this country forward. I’m figuring that’s because they want to move this country backward and, at least for now, keeping it from moving at all is good enough.

Fischer and his ilk have got their linens in a lump because the world isn’t the same as the one they remember so fondly, when they ‘had it all’, so to say. When men could treat women as their property and take their marriage rights when and where they wanted them, when there weren’t many uppity blacks who didn’t know their place, when fags and dykes stayed as hidden as possible, when the poor were that way because they were lazy-that’s what he misses, and that’s what drives him to his extreme, unsupportable positions. He’s going to have a cow when the United States Supreme Court declares that the right to marry belongs to all Americans. But he has Plan B. I’m sure he’s already booked a flight to Uganda, where he can feel right at home.

Sorry he couldn’t be here in person to pick it up, but I am honored to present the Comstock Award to Bryan Fischer. (I hope he understands the symbolism.)

The Anthony Comstock Award for Breathtaking Stupidity

The Anthony Comstock Award for Priggery


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Religious FB posts


Glad to be back writing. Work had eaten up almost all my spare time, so I didn’t have the time to write. But now that I’m on pre-retirement training leave (that’s for another post) I hope to get back into a regular schedule.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

I’ve been noticing that many of my FaceBook friends are posting heavily mystical visuals about god. This started after the American elections in early November. Perhaps the results made them think the deity had his/her hand in our politics. Of course, it’s nonsense to think that. How would the alleged supreme being choose sides in an election like ours? We had the first black president running for a second term (an historical first) against a true blue Mormon who, I don’t doubt, believes that his religion is absolutely correct. I can’t see how a god could choose sides and still remain the same lovable, caring, sadistic, incompetent being he is described to be in the so-called holy scriptures.

But of course, that’s a silly statement because god simply doesn’t exist. If one finally has the balls to accept that premise, all the other claptrap, ritual, rules, and writings of all religions simply slips away. Amazingly freeing thing to do, you know.

Some FB friends continue to forward posts like one that shows a radiant figure in white and blue robes apparently standing effortlessly among gorgeous clouds against a blue sky. Hard to say how big he is, but you have to look carefully to find him because his colors blend into the sky. The message is from an entity called “Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior” and the substance of the communication is “Like in 2 seconds if you believe”. My dear FB friend ‘liked’ that message. I’m sorry to see that, because it suggests she is buying into all the bullshit religion is built on. I doubt she ever saw some heavenly being in the clouds, and if she did see that, she needs to see some professional for help.

Once again, religion feeds us what we’d like to believe, not what is. I’d like to own a Rolls Royce. Do I expect to get a post showing a picture of a Rolls resplendently alone on a lonely road in an American desert? Should I ‘like’ that image in 2 seconds if I believe in Rolls Royce? Such nonsense.


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The Right to End It All

Suicide has always been a hot button issue in western societies. It’s existence has led to absurd situations, as legal systems demonstrated their repugnance for the act by putting to death those poor souls who tried it and failed! But plain suicide has been relegated to the shadows by the idea of assisted suicide. The thought that some one could help another commit suicide drives many other people crazy. They fulminate and pontificate that no one has the right to take a life but God. It doesn’t seem to matter to them what dire straits the suicidee may be in. Only God can set you free. That, I believe, is fascinating, considering that many of these same people favor the death penalty for criminals. So is there a difference between helping someone die with dignity and putting someone to death against their will? Apparently.

English: "An Evening with Dr. Jack Kevork...

English: “An Evening with Dr. Jack Kevorkian” hosted by the UCLA Armenian Students’ Association and the Armenian American Medical Society of California. UCLA Royce Hall Auditorium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had a character in American life named Jack Kevorkian , a physician who made the momentous decision to help terminally ill people end their lives. Of course he was vilified for violating his Hippocratic oath, but it didn’t both him. He had developed a device that allowed a patient to self-administer the drugs that would end life, and his role was to attach it to the patient. But it was the person who pushed the button to do the deed. For this work, the State of Michigan revoked his medical license in 1991, but he persevered, and according to his lawyer, Geoffrey Figer, he assisted in 130 suicides of terminally ill people. For this work he was eventually tried, convicted, and sent to prison.

Most Americans are afraid to talk about death. But Jack Kevorkian wasn’t. He pushed the envelope. One day, a more enlighten world may come to the same realization that he did, that quantity of life without quality of life is not valuable and people should have the right to say, “Enough. I’m done.”

English: A chart of the most common methods of...

English: A chart of the most common methods of suicide in the USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For an example of the craziness of the law in this area, check out this video: http://cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/world/2012/07/05/elbagir-uk-locked-in-syndrome.cnn.html

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Dog Days of Summer Starting Earlier?

John Roberts - Caricature

John Roberts – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Here it is, June 22, and the days are starting to get shorter again. The heat is up in the east, and it’s settling in nicely in the west for its long summer run. Normally, things slow down come August, but it appears the dog days are starting earlier this year, especially for us bloggers.

Look at politics. Chief Justice John Roberts has signaled, by actually saying nothing, that the SCOTUS will probably go into overtime on finalizing its opinion on the Health Care law. If it’s another 5-4 decision split exactly according to the politics of the appointing president (i.e.: the 5 votes belong to justices appointed by Republican presidents, etc.), then summer could start heating up pretty quickly. It might be that an issue that affects all of us, and which almost half of us oppose (the bill in general) but less than 40% support it, being decided by a single vote could truly put many noses out of joint. It would be to the country’s advantage if the justices were able to decide 6-3 or 7-2. But as of today it’s all quiet on the Potomac.

Mitt Robme is said to be softening his views on immigration. That is, he’s willing to consider granting green cards to immigrants who serve in the military. That’s sweet, but it is like Caligula deciding to spare a Christian in the Coliseum because the emperor felt he’d do well in the Pretorian guard. Robme’s thinking simply excludes any immigrants who won’t serve. So the Republican grand plan to deal with the 11 million Hispanics in the country without documents is to allow those who can join the military to become citizens.


Mittster (Photo credit: DoubleSpeak Media)

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s a step, but even smaller than a baby step. Yes, it’s true that, based on the Social Security Administrations analysis of the age groups of undocumented immigrants, most are below thirty. So the question becomes, just how many of those young people can and will enlist? And that’s where we left the Mittster, trying to score points with Hispanics by softening his originally razor-sharp opposition to those people he assumed would “self-deport” when they couldn’t get jobs here.

The Roman Catholic Church is quiet today, too. No more scandals about child abuse have been reported, no chants of Catholic-bashing, and no Vatican tongue-lashings for nuns are evident. We must thank God for that. I’m sure She’s taking a breather, too.

For a blogger, this is slim pickings. There’s no really juicy story to respond to or to explain. Maybe it’s good that it comes at the end of the work week, when I can recharge my batteries with two days off.

Let’s hope for more scandal and false pieties next week!

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Catholic Church: Abusive clergy, WTF; Rogue nuns, HERETICS!

Pope Benedictus XVI

Pope Benedictus XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New York Times reports today that the Roman Catholic hierarchy in this country is moving heaven and hell to prevent states from loosening their statute of limitations laws regarding child molestation charges. After all, as Patrick Brannigan, executive director of the New Jersey Catholic Conference put it, “How can an institution successfully defend itself against a claim that is 40, 50, or 60 years old?” The point, Mr. Brannigan, is that it can’t even defend itself against a 5 year old claim. The church turned a blind eye on its abusive priests because they were priests, called by God, and apparently protected by the Vatican. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing, especially when you compare it to the campaign being waged against American nuns for not being doctrinal enough to speak out against abortion and same-sex marriage. This the bishops and cardinals feel comfortable speaking up about in public, yet they block investigations and litigation of child abuse charges against priests any way they can.

Of course Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League for the Preservation of Religious and Civil Rights in the United States (such a lofty title for such an empty-headed individual) will scream bloody murder that the NYT is engaging in Catholic-bashing once again. He has no grounds. His bishops and cardinals provide the proof. It is looking more likely that the old Kraut, Benedict XVI, was right in suggesting a ‘pruning of the church’, making it smaller but more orthodox. For the Donahues of this world, that would be great, and it would relieve the rest of us of the nonsensical postures assumed by the princes and barons of the church. Each year the Roman Catholic Church becomes less and less relevant to living human beings. I urge the church to hurry it up.

In the meanwhile, it would be well to focus in on two of the more egregious examples of the Church’s mendacity. Here is Bernard Cardinal Law, whisked out of Boston to a see in Rome so that he wouldn’t face the ignominy of a trial for hiding sexual offenders in his clergy. And Timothy Cardinal Dolan, a big blowhard, with such a forced bonhomie that is truly difficult to digest, even simply listening to him on the radio. He is, apparently, even more conservative that the pope, but His Emptiness was not above paying off abusive priests to get them to resign. It is getting more and more difficult to even write about the doings of my former church without recoiling in disgust.

Some legislators have offered plans to provide a limited time period-a window, so to speak-so other potential victims could come forward. As the NYT article noted this morning, “Joan Fitz-Gerald, former president of the Colorado Senate, who proposed the window legislation, was an active Catholic who said she was stunned to find in church one Sunday in 2006 that the archdiocese had asked priests to raise the issue during a Mass and distribute lobbying postcards.

“It was the most brutal thing I’ve ever been through,” she said of the church campaign. “The politics, the deception, the lack of concern for not only the children in the past, but for children today.” She has since left the church.”



VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – FEBRUARY 18: Former archbishop of Boston, Bernard Law, (R) reads while newly appointed cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan (C), archbishop of New York, receives congratulations from cardinals at the Saint Peter’s Basilica on February 18, 2012 in Vatican City, Vatican. The 84-year-old Pontiff installed 22 new cardinals during the ceremony, who will be responsible for choosing his sucessor. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

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