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John McCain, You’ve Lost It!

Senator John McCain (Republican, Arizona) is a stark reminder of why term limits are often considered. Once a dashing politician who served his country proudly and well, he’s now become a millstone around America’s neck. One wonders if his many selves have conversations late in the dark hours of the night. Could he harbor a

English: John McCain official photo portrait.

English: John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

resentment against “that one”, the current president who beat him handily in ’08 and just won again?

He was the quintessential ‘maverick’ of the Senate, voting his principles, not his party. During the 2008 campaign, he corrected one of the lunatic fringe who insisted again that Barack Obama was not a citizen, was born in Kenya, and was a Muslim. (This fruitcake probably still believes that Jews ate Christian babies, that black cats and witches are one in the same, and white people are losing control of ‘their’ country. Well, have to give her the last one, although no one ever ‘owns’ a country forever, and well they shouldn’t.)

I admired him then, but something since that time has unhinged him and loosened all the important connections in his brain. His ‘maverickness’ is now more obstructionist, and I cannot find any purpose for his crazy antics, especially regarding Susan Rice, other than that the GOP was Kerry in the administration so they can try to move Scott Brown back into the Senate. The GOP is machiavellian enough to plan such a thing and McCain, Lindsey Graham (R-S Carolina), and Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire) [BTW, who the hell is Kelly Ayotte and why is anyone paying attention to the junior senator from NH, elected in 2011?]

There seems to be a madness playing out in John McCain. It is sad to watch, because he has failed his primary duty as a US senator, to serve the interests of his country. He went to the dark side of the Tea Party and it appears they have his brain, or what’s left of it. His daughter, Meghan, makes more sense than her father. We can only hope that he disappears as quickly as possible from the political stage, like his bud Joe Lieberman. We wish the same about Senator Graham, whose resemblance to a large rat is uncanny and who’s smarminess is unmatched. (I know,

Kelly Ayotte - Caricature

Kelly Ayotte – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

it’s an ad hominem attack, but he sooooooo pisses me off with his holier than thou attitude. It’s revolting he has the power he has in the senate.)

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Religious FB posts


Glad to be back writing. Work had eaten up almost all my spare time, so I didn’t have the time to write. But now that I’m on pre-retirement training leave (that’s for another post) I hope to get back into a regular schedule.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

I’ve been noticing that many of my FaceBook friends are posting heavily mystical visuals about god. This started after the American elections in early November. Perhaps the results made them think the deity had his/her hand in our politics. Of course, it’s nonsense to think that. How would the alleged supreme being choose sides in an election like ours? We had the first black president running for a second term (an historical first) against a true blue Mormon who, I don’t doubt, believes that his religion is absolutely correct. I can’t see how a god could choose sides and still remain the same lovable, caring, sadistic, incompetent being he is described to be in the so-called holy scriptures.

But of course, that’s a silly statement because god simply doesn’t exist. If one finally has the balls to accept that premise, all the other claptrap, ritual, rules, and writings of all religions simply slips away. Amazingly freeing thing to do, you know.

Some FB friends continue to forward posts like one that shows a radiant figure in white and blue robes apparently standing effortlessly among gorgeous clouds against a blue sky. Hard to say how big he is, but you have to look carefully to find him because his colors blend into the sky. The message is from an entity called “Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior” and the substance of the communication is “Like in 2 seconds if you believe”. My dear FB friend ‘liked’ that message. I’m sorry to see that, because it suggests she is buying into all the bullshit religion is built on. I doubt she ever saw some heavenly being in the clouds, and if she did see that, she needs to see some professional for help.

Once again, religion feeds us what we’d like to believe, not what is. I’d like to own a Rolls Royce. Do I expect to get a post showing a picture of a Rolls resplendently alone on a lonely road in an American desert? Should I ‘like’ that image in 2 seconds if I believe in Rolls Royce? Such nonsense.


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