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Why Vacations are Necessary

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Just got back from a Palm Springs weekend and realized how important vacations really are. I have been coming to Palm Springs since 1983, sometimes two or more times a year, so I know the area well. And I remember how important it was to ‘vacation’ here. Vacation implies more than just visiting someone’s home. It’s really a chance to kick off the shackles of civilized life and live hedonistically. It means getting up when you want, jumping into a pool before breakfast, lying on a chaise lounge and reading a book, or just simply observing a hummingbird. In a word, vacation means freedom from the ordinary, the routine, the quotidian. It means spending a day in a completely useless manner and enjoying it.

Most people are searching for more time to do more things, but when given an entire
afternoon they don’t know what to do with it. Vacations are meant to fix that. I know now that I need more vacations in my life to balance the visits I make to my dear friends.

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