20 Things You Never Knew About Me

(1) I was never good at sports; (2) I am an excellent shot; (3) I played Paul Revere in 4th Grade and rode my cardboard horse offstage backwards (that is, ass-end first); (4) In 6th grade the class did a parody of the PTA with all boys in drag but one. My character was modeled on Mae West; (5) I was a grade school monitor and rose to the position of Lieutenant; (6) I enjoy test-taking; (7) I’ve always been able to do well on tests, even if I missed the class the test was based on; (8) I once ran a razor blade over my thumb to see if it was sharp (it was!); (9) I loved junior/senior high school; (10) I became a colleague of most of my junior/senior high school teachers when I went back to teach general science and chemistry; (11) My most nerve wracking experience in high school was when I was the master of ceremonies for the foreign language honor society induction; (12) I was in 8th period trigonometry class when we heard over the loudspeaker that President Kennedy had died. Most of us cried; (13) I’ve herded cattle on horseback in Arizona, twice; (14) I’ve parasailed off the beach in Acapulco; (15) I love horseback riding, and although I can ride English, I prefer Western; (16) There were 250 chemistry majors when I began college, but only 15 of us got the B.S. degree; (17) I hated substitute teaching, but really liked full-time work in high school; (18) In the first draft lottery in 1969, my number was 338…pretty much after women and children; (19) I worked summers in college at a private hospital on Long Island, two summers in the psychiatric unit; (20) I started law school when I was 46 and finished in 2½ years.

3 responses to “20 Things You Never Knew About Me

  1. By the way thank you for the excellent advice, you gave me a whole lot of ideas to write about.

    • You are welcome! I myself would like to learn more about Pakistan than the kind of things I read in U.S. newspapers and see on TV. What’s it like to live there? Are there political issues you feel strongly about? What about social issues in your country? The list could be endless. And, of course, as you grow up you may want to answer these questions in short stories and/or novels. Who knows, Mustafa, what the future holds for you? But good luck getting there!


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